Dear guest, Dear friends,

Starting the 1.6.2020 we will return to following opening hours:

MO-SA: 6pm

Please reserve a table, since we still have limited capacities.

Taking into account all official hygiene and distance measures,

We are looking forward to seeing you all again!


Our Philosophy

Organic Italian Kitchen

From our early years as a small neighborhood eatery, PAPPA E CICCIA has grown into a full dining establishment with a modern kitchen that has kept a heart for the simple things: freshly prepared dishes made with the best produce from conscientious local farmers. While our imagination takes us cross-cultures and through culinary disciplines that inspire classical and experimental flavor combinations, our dishes remain an ode to Italian cuisine with its love for quality ingredients and pure unadulterated flavors.

A tavola!

We approach the front-of-house experience with an evolving menu to mirror the seasonal changes of produce, all served within a relaxed atmosphere on our corner of Prenzlauer Berg. Behind the familial scene, we continue our commitment to sustainability while maintaining a no waste policy that re-purposes leftovers into stocks and condiments. We think that it is important to nurture a sense of social responsibility by bringing people together with good food and drinks.